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יום חמישי, 15 באוגוסט 2013

Throw your olive oil in the garbage - eat nuts!

Hi there my friends,

Today I am going to reveal my source for fats.

Fat is important. 15% to 30% of the calories should come from fat. If you go below that then you will feel fatique and without energy.

Dr. Fuhrman's nutritarian diet that I am practicing specifies that I should consume around 50 g of nuts & seeds as the fat source.

Why not olive oil? Every grandmother thinks that olive oil is healthy, healthy, healthy. Yea right! it's not! oil is the worst product in terms of nutrients per calorie - you get tons of calories for ZERO nutrients. What a waste.

Nuts and seeds (and also Avocados) are a better source for fat because they are nutritious - see here for the nutiriton target map of one of them.

But this of course not the reason I eat them. If you want to memorize one thing that nuts are doing for you then please memorize - they protect your heart. Let me write it in big letters here so that you won't forget - 


They also contain omega-3, fibers, vitamin E and even L-arginine which can boost sex drive for those of you that are interested. My special lady consumes cashew nuts on a daily basis and what can I say - I am under attack!...

OK now, let's see the boys - please welcome - THE NUTS TEAM!!!

אגוזי מוח

Brazil Nuts
אגוזי ברזיל




Make sure you eat enough of these folks!


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