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יום ראשון, 11 באוגוסט 2013

Couch Potato to 5K

Hi there everyone,

The "Couch potato to 5K" program takes a fat slob that sits all day in front of the computer screen and all night in front of the TV screen and slowly but surely makes him a 5K runner! The program spans over 9 weeks and the difficulty goes up and up and up. In the beginning you just run one minute and then walk two minutes and then run again a little bit and then walk briskly and so on. And after 9 weeks you can run 5Km without stopping...

I discoverd this program maybe 10 years ago and back then it worked! I started running with my kids back then and yes during the first/two weeks it was easy so they joined me. But then they found all sorts of excuses to avoid this but I continued. I still remember the day when I could run 2 Km and how I blogged about it in their website. Back then I progressed even more till I was able to run 10 Km and I even ran 21 Km three times in my life... But then came the injury, I got fat and since then my legs are not like they used to be.

Now since I am on vacation till the end of August (yes, I am...) and thus away from my gym which is in the office - I decided to give this plan a try. It's just for fun. I run, I walk, it's fairly easy. I know I am prone to injury, I know that my leg started becoming sugary, I am wearing insoles, I can't walk w/o them - I am so heavy that really running is not for me, but still I shall try it. It's not first on my priority list - it's not a commitment, I may stop when I feel a pain but just let's give it a try.

The cool thing about this program is that now you can download an android application that tells you when  to run, when to walk, when to warm up, how good you were and so on while you are listening to your music.  The application is called "C25K Couch to 5K by RunDouble".

Now I know that you geeks probably have better ideas for android applications. I know there are applications that are very friendly and encouraging and make you post to your facebook etc, so if you know how to connect them to the c25K program - drop me a line.


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