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יום שבת, 17 באוגוסט 2013

Diabetic my ass

Hi there folks,

I was very satisfied with my visit to my doctor. To cut story short she said I will definitely erase this diabetic and she's expecting my 3 months blood tests (In September) to confirm that. She said it's not true that diabetes cannot be reversed and that those few clients who lost weight - got rid of their diabetes.

I still asked her to get this gluco meter cause I just love to experiment, take tests and explore stuff. Hey I did it for my aquarium...

Here's a picture of my war room from the days I was maintaining a planted aquarium - 

So in the last 24 hours I had the pleasure of stabbing myself no less than 37 times!!..

And here are the results of the Israeli Jury as they say...

Friday I woke up after a good deep 8 hours of sleep and measured 85.
Today I woke up after again sleeping good 8 hours and measured 89.

This is < 100 - it's not diabetes guys.

If I lower a bit more - say to the 75-80 zone then I am in the range of calorie restriction.

It was interesting to follow how the sugar in the blood reacts to eating. so here's an example

The 0 point in this chart is when I just finished breakfast. As you can see right at that time the blood sugar was still not affected. It was 109 just like it was 75 minutes before. But then, 20 minutes later it shoots up to 151 as the oats and blueberries are being digested. 80 minutes after breakfast is over - my blood glucose level drops down to 102, but then 20 minutes later it all of a sudden remembers to digest something and it goes back to 115 and then down to 105 where it stays even after 6 hours... It doesn't go back to the 85 baseline for some reason. Go figure.

Let's see another example - 

This time the lunch was probably big - I ate a big salad with beans a dragon fruit. So one hour after I finisehd my lunch the glucose level was at ~150 and wouldn't go down. 20 minutes later it undershoot to 95 and then stabilized at 105. It didn't return to the base line.

Friday night dinner with kids I ate kale with spinach as a starter and then Austrian cauliflower soup followed by a dragon fruit. I also drank a little wine. and here's the chart - 

At the 80 minutes mark time - it was all over, nice... and when I woke up after 8 hours I had a fasting glucose level of 89.

As for today - I didn't need to take many blood tests. Lunch was 5 hours after breakfast and right before lunch the glucose level was 87 !! It means that yes I returned to the baseline. That's what "calorie restriction" recommended - don't eat before blood sugar goes back to your baseline... :)

Anyway - I am in good shape, I feel quite ok and I think I am on my way to optimal health,


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