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יום רביעי, 21 באוגוסט 2013

How to calculate your optimal target weight


I am trying to estimate my target weight here. 

First to put us on common ground here's a short primer on BMI - Body Mass Index.  Here's the definition

For example, when I started my diet I weighted 139.6 Kg and my height was 181 cm. My BMI was thus equal to 139.6 / 1.81^2 = 42.6.

The higher the BMI - the fatter you are.
  • Normal values are 18.5 till 25. 
  • Beyond 25 you are "Overweight" 
  • Beyond 30 is called "Obesity".
  • Beyond 35 is called "Severe Obesity"
  • beyond 40 it's called "Morbid Obesity"

In order to get rid of my diabetes I have to give up on my plans to be a macho muscular well built man. I have to go all the way down down down till I am normal. I would say that if normal means 18.5 till 25 then the normal of the normal means the middle number BMI=21.75.

Multiplying this by 1.81^2 provides
my estimation for my target weight: 71 Kg.

yes it's a long way to go.... - from 139.6 Kg to 71 Kg or so, but this is how I should defeat diabetes for good. Yes I may look bad, too skinny and such. Men will feel comfortable punching me in the face if there's a need - but what can I say? This is the penalty for neglection, stress, overeating and bad genetics....

I put my target weight into a calculator of 

And here's what I got - 

This is amazing - I thought that at this weight level I shall require maybe only 1800 calories for maintenance but this is what the calculator says.


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