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יום חמישי, 3 ביולי 2014

Lost more than 50 Kgs in one year

Hi everybody,

Today, one year ago I started my new diet, my new way of life. Back then, 12 months ago I was weighing 139.6 Kgs (308 pounds) and now I today I weight 86 Kgs (190 pounds). That's a loss of 53.6 Kgs (118 pounds) in 12 months.

Now, my special lady was kind enough to help me arrange the pictures in this post using her GIMP skills. Take a look!!!!

I had morbid obessity, my fasting glucose was 129, my HB1AC was 7.2, I had chronic pain in my legs so I couldn't walk more than 100 meters w/o pain, my blood pressure was 170 at the doctor's clinic and I she adviced me to start taking Metformin. 

I didn't know what diabetes was at that time and I saw this book "the end of diabetes" written by Dr. Fuhrman advocating the nutritarian life style. I became vegan, and a healthy one and fats started shedding off me at an unbelievable rate. I lost so many pounds and w/o ever being hungry. It's the super micro nutrients oriented nutrition that provides my body with everything it needs. I am rarely hungry, I don't think about food and how to avoid it - I eat tons of greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, seeds, nuts & fruits.

And look at me today - only one year after starting, my fasting glucose is at 92, my HB1AC is 5.8, I no longer having any pain in my legs and I run between 3 and 8 Km three times a week. 

It's amazing how our body can heal *IF* we just give it a chance to heal!! I encourage every fat person out to read my blog here, there's tons of information, and start his voyage back to health.