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יום שישי, 23 באוגוסט 2013

how come your skin looks so good?

Hi everyone,

I am a very planned person. I know that if I eat this food and do these exercises then I shall lose such and such weight and I shall get rid of diabetes and shall be able to fight those future diseases and so on.

But sometimes you discover something unexpected - something good...

My special lady told me several times over the last couple days that my skin looks so much better lately. My initial response was to brush it off, cause it's not something that I read about.

But then my daughter too said it several times today that my skin looks great, I look tan, my eyes are sparkling, I look this, I look that and perhaps maybe I should only take care of that missing tooth...

I thought it has to do with my vitamin D sun baths but then I realized that there's more to this.

Tell you the truth - I have no conclusive understanding why my skin looks great. But from what I read it is obvious that the solution for a healthy skin is not in putting more and more ugly creams on your face or going to the beach and tanning yourself to oblivion. It's all about your diet. If you eat a healthy diet - then you are gonna look great. Period.

It's the same woman - 1 year apart (read her story here)

I saw this article that explains that the human mind prefers a healthy carotenoid glow over a suntan. let me translate this to plain English for you - women will be attracted to you if your skin is a bit orange and not from tanning but because of your diet. I mean it does make sense - right:? Women are going to be attracted to a male with superior health in order to mate and have healthy kids... Same applies to men that are attracted to women, etc. I am not sure about men that are attracted to men and all that. 

Anyway, according to this article - carotenoids are a groups of 600 antioxidants including alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, zeaxantin and other curses and the food that are richest are green, orange and red vegetable and fruits. These nutrients provide health benefits and attractive colors. According to this article there is a direct relationship between skin appearance and health - if your skin does not have an orange tinge, then you are not on a healthy diet.

And I also enjoyed reading eilen's talkback there saying "Everyone I come across, either on TV, the Internet, or in person, who eats a Vegan diet is always gorgeous"

I rushed to my USDA data base and sorted all the food according to beta-carotene and here are the winners... - 

squash (78 ug per calorie)
דלורית, דלעת

Paprika (22 ug per calorie)
פלפל אדום חריף

Tangerine (20.4 ug per calorie)

red pepper (19.7 ug per calorie)
פלפל אדום

papaya (13.7 ug per calorie)

coriander (8.8 ug per calorie)

carrot (6.3 ug per calorie)

Peaches (4.5 ug per calorie)

cucumber, pickle (4.3 ug per calorie)
מלפפון חמוץ

rose hips (3 ug per calorie)
פרי הורד

I was eating most of the above even before becoming vegan, but surely it's not only about what you eat - your skin health has also to do with what you don't eat... - that is - if you are drinking lots of coffee, or eating cheese or poultry - then your body may inhibit some of the effects of these foods.


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