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יום שבת, 13 ביולי 2013

Why do I lift heavy weights if I want to lose weight?

Hi there,

Here's everything you wanted to know about Strength & Muscles.

The first question - 


Because on previous diets I avoided training for Strenght & Muscles and this is how I ended...

Terrible.... absolutely horrible - what a wreck of a man.

Here, take this one - 

 I look old, I look sick...
And this - 

 A man that can lean and rest his head on his wife... 


This is not what I want!!

I am going to lose weight yes - but it's gonna be mainly fat, not muscles! A man should have muscles, a man should be big, thick, strong, intimidating, not a yellowish, vegetarian, skinny, glass wearing, intelligent wussy pussy.

And I am not going to train like a girl. That is I am not going to do the high-reps, low-weight deal - standing there like a shmock with 3 Kgs barbels in my hand and throwing it around - No! Not me!!

Seriously now, and girls - you better listen cause you have to follow the same routine, believe it or not.

When dieting our body has limited capacity to recover because it doesn't have enough calories to do so. If you do a light weights exercise then that's just like cardio for your body, it's an additional same-same attack on your body. Our body is a fascinating machine, when you throw at it a change it will try to slow down and if you don't need your muscles then it's going to be on the expense of your muscles.

You need to give your body a good reason to maintain the muscles and it means - you have to hit the gym and lift those weights.

One thing to remember though - I am on a restricted calorie diet, I can't add much muscles, the best I can hope for is preserving muscles. I am not going to become arnold schwarzenegger here - I am on a calorie restricted diet so my expectations are set accordingly - I am merely preserving my muscles here. If I start training for huge muscles then my body is going to collapse, it's gonna be injured, it's going to resist my efforts.

That's it,


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