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יום שלישי, 2 ביולי 2013

The last Supper

Today, 19:30, two hours from now, I step into the weight watchers gathering. They don't know me, I don't know them, I shall be new. I shall say I want to join, I want to lose weight. They will look at me just like they are looking at every fat slob joining in.

It's not my first time - I went through this weight watchers program two times. First time I started at 125 Kg I think and went all the way down to 86 Kg and I stayed there for more than one year. Then came the inevitable - I added weight and found myself fat again.

So I am an experienced dieter... and my experience, or let's say the way I do it is that on my first visit to weight watchers I look disgusting, very fat, fully loaded, totally saturated with food and fat, I even drink a bit - to gain extra weight.

And then - I start my diet - and it's a shock to my body. I eat according to the plan, I don't use elevators, I do my cardio, I do my fitness regime and my body doesn't understand what's going on. It is used to spend so many calories cause it knows that at some point in the future I shall replenish, I shall eat something - but I don't !! It takes few days of massive weight loss till my body realizes that it is under a real 'attack' here and by that time I am marching into the weight watchers losing 4-5 Kg on the first week and maybe 3 Kg on the second one. It is only then that my body starts regulating.

And believe me - it's tough - I am now in a position that I find it hard to walk or cycle, how can I give up elevators now? Yes it's tough, but after 2 weeks the body gets used to it, after 2 weeks you feel comfortable climbing up the stairs, doing your cardio, it is then that you start enjoying the glide down in weight and sooner than later you start looking good, and then you start looking great and everybody are cheering...

But, now, less than 2 hours before the bell - I went to look for my last supper. I wasn't eating much this morning even though I tried - I had to defend myself in court and the tension got my blood pressure up to 168-93 with a heart rate of 69 beats per minutes. But after the victory in court - hunger striked me. I ate bread with tons of eggs and cheese in Tel Aviv, then I had one hour rest in my office and then I went to Aroma where I ordered the double mozzarella bread and then I went to the taboon to eat 2 more pitas, the last half - I just couldn't eat no more - saturation. 

Here's the Taboon meal... - 

I am full now, all I need is to make sure I am hydrated, full of liquids and then take the bike and ride slowwwly on the flat road leading to the wight watchers gathering. I shouldn't spend no energy, I should be as fat as possible. I should scare the shit out of the fattest customer there - that's how I like to start....


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