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יום רביעי, 3 ביולי 2013

First Gym Session

So today in the morning I had my first Gym session.

As I already said, as part of this transformation I decided not to use elevators any more. So as I was climbing the stairs I could feel my knees, they hurt slightly and it's worrying. I need those knees.

Which leads me to my biggest concern at this time - Avoid Injuries!!!

First and foremost - I am not a healthy person - Currently I do and still am suffering from Hypertension. If I want to continue with this weight loss & fitness program - first thing I should care of is not to DIE because if I die then I wouldn't be able to lose weight properly! And second thing - I should avoid getting a stroke or a heart attack cause if I do then it will take me months to recuperate if at all - I mean I may end up in a wheel chair or with a dead brain - I don't want that and so the idea is :

D O N T   S T R E S S   I T !!!!

I spent one hour on the treadmill of which 20 minutes were moderate-high effort around 75% of my max heart rate and the rest were around 65% of my heart rate.

For me it meant 20 minutes on 145 hearts beats per minute and 40 minutes of 135 heart beats per minute.

How did I get there?

The formula is simple:

targetHeartRate = minimumHeartRate + (maximumHeartRate - minimumHeartRate) * percentage.


maximumHeartRate = 220 - age.

In my case:

maximumHeartRate = 220 - 50 = 170.
minimumHeartRate = 70 (I measured)

targetHeartRate = 70 + (170-70)*65% = 135 // for fat burn kind of effort
targetHeartRate = 70 + (170-70)*75% = 145 // for sugar burn kind of effort.

They say the fat burn is the lower pace that is more suitable for fat loss while the higher heart rate is for burning carbs. I am not sure about that. I know that in all heart rates you burn and lose fat, it's just that it's very hard to maintain a high heart rate, so the lower rate is more comfortable and you can stay in that range for one full hour easily and during that time you just burn fat.

So here's me on the treadmill - sweating like there's no tomorrow - 

In that one hour session I used 6% inclination and at the end of it I marched 5 Km and lost 950 calories... WOW!! :)


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