יום רביעי, 3 ביולי 2013

Turns out I weigh too much for Weight Watchers

So yesterday I had my first visit to weight watchers. I climbed up the stairs, all sweating and poofing and introduced myself. I asked Lital, the secretary there if she thinks I should lose weight and her reply was 'now what do YOU think?'

Then Vilma the coach tried to see how much I weigh... - turns out I was more than 135 Kg - that's the maximum that she could measure !!! She was so appologetic and I was very amused as you can see - 

Later when I read through the beautiful colored brochures I found out that we should split our goal into small chunks - the first goal is to lose 5% and the second goal is to lose 5 Kg.... - which made me laugh again - indeed if you are a woman that weighs 70 Kg then your 5% goal comes after losing 3.5 Kg and your second goal comes after losing 5 Kg - that's fine. But if you are a big man like me weighing close to 140Kg then your first goal comes after losing 7 Kg and your second goal .... the one that comes with losing 5Kg... that one should come first! 

So first conclusion is that weight watchers are not for very fat and big people :)

Then we had a discussion about flexibility and I found it to be very inspiring. We are in this weight watchers for the long run and there's gonna be ups and downs. We are going to skip our Gym, we are going to be injured in the knee, we are going to eat an oily pita bread in some party - but that shouldn't be the end of our road to weight loss. We should be flexible. We should do it the WAZE way - that is if something goes wrong - there are always other alternatives. And it's a clear message to me - After I reached my weight watchers goal years ago I noticed that I am adding weight. And then I told myself, if I added 1Kg then I am out of the program. No!! it shouldn't be like this - I may add weight but then I should keep on coming to those sessions and be part of this weight watchers thing no matter what - for good and for bed - no singular event should break it. It's a commitment for life.

Then I went to the Gym in the office and weighed myself... - 139.6 Kg - so that should be the starting point.

So there you go - this is the starting point - 139.6 Kg.