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יום שלישי, 16 ביולי 2013

Lost only 2.1 Kilograms this week

I am a bit disappointed.

I am comparing this second week vs. two previous diet with weight watchers. I think I lost 2.5 Kilograms on the first diet and 3 Kilograms. on the second one - on the same week - second week for the diet.

And here I am losing only 2.1 Kilograms.

How come?

Maybe I added lean muscle mass?

The first reaction of the gym coach was that this should be a result of me adding lean muscle. Oh really? Is that so? I remember that this was the excuse of my wife when she didn't lose weight on the second week of the first diet - 'I gained lean muscle mass' - yea right....

If you eat lots of healthy calories and you train like crazy then you will add between 7 and 12 Kilograms of lead body mass. That's 250 grams per week at most.  

But that's if you eat like a pro and train like a pro.

I don't eat much - I am on a diet remember so I would say that in one week I gain between 50 to 100 grams of lean muscle mass...

Maybe I was focusing too much on REAL healthy food?

While losing weight is important for me cause I want to get rid of the diabetes & hypertension risks, still - a very important goal that I have is to eat GOOD food, HEALTHY food. and it means instead of eating that diet bread, I eat whole wheat bread and instead of eating 0.5% yogurts - I eat 4.5% and I eat humus and tachini and nuts and almonds. Everything is measured yes - but I eat this stuff... Maybe weight watchers didn't take this into account? Maybe I eat too much fat after all?

Maybe weight watcher program is flawed?

Well maybe... - I mean I was told that at my weight, my height & my age I should eat 56 points per day. They have this table that explains how many points I can add provided that I do sports. Well every day I spend 40 minutes average intensity activity which gives me 5 points and I do 20 minutes of high intensity activity which credits me additional 7 points.

So in total I am supposed to eat 59 + 5 + 7 = 71 points.

And I eat only 42.1 points.

So how come I lose only 2.1 Kilograms on my second week?

I think that it's because of the weight watchers program. It's flawed! if you eat all your points then you are gonna find yourself stuck at the same weight.

In the future I intend to quantify this and really go into the details but right now this is the best answer I can give.


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