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יום שבת, 27 ביולי 2013

Gute Food

Thursday I had lunch with ex colleagues,

I was pleasantly surprised to find out this lovely Gute Good restaurant in the middle of Herzliya's high tech zone. This restaurant combines fast & healthy, and perhaps I should add - delicious.

It's easy to spot the place. If you arrive at ~13:00 you will see people standing in a long line starting outside of the store. But you are not going to wait in line more than 7 minutes - they are FAST.

And at the front of the restaurant there's a sticker saying it's!! Yay. I felt right at home.

There are several meals to choose from, here's their menu:

  1. Beef meat balls (low fat) in tomato sauce + organic red rice + green salad in oranges syrup + walnuts. "very nutricious, full of protein, iron and fibers that will show the cholesterol the way out" 
  2. Organic lentils balls with full tachini + full kuskus + tanzia made of organic fruits + organic quinoa salad. "balanced, full of fibers that will only do good to the stomach"
  3. 1/4 of a chicken + cooked organic humus and pearl barley + three vegetables. "loaded with vitamin B, calming and good for your brain".
  4. Green salad & quinoa: 1/2 organic eggs, fool, walnuts, black lentils, tuna, mix of seeds, smoked salmon filet, chicken breast. In addition organic bread and seasoning of your choice (tachini, hot, seasoning herbs, 
  5. Sinaya (meat pie with tahini) with azuki and organic burgol, chopped Israeli salad. "lots of protein and iron, vitamin B and fibers.
  6. Chicken breast with olive oil and lemon, mashed potatoe and sweet cabbage. "low colesterol, high in lycopen - that keeps you young"
  7. Organic tofu cooked in the oven with ginger and soy + organic red rice and soup of the day. "low fat, nutricious, full of minerals that are good for your bones.
I choose this one here - 

Organic lentils balls with full tachini + full kuskus + tanzia made of organic fruits + organic quinoa salad. "balanced, full of fibers that will only do good to the stomach"

After 3 minutes we got our plates and since the restaurant was full - we sat outside.

Here's my plate: the main plate with the kuskus with the potatoes, the carrot and the humus, in addition there were two lentil pies, at the left plate the quinoa salad and on the right oil and tachini.

What can I say - it was A B S O L U T E LY   D E L I C I O U S !!!

But I am on a diet so I couldn't finish the whole plate right?

so I left the oil cause their food has enough oil already, I did use half of the tachini though cause it's super healthy, I didn't touch the carrots cause of the high glycemic values, of course I didn't drink the water cause it gets in the way of digestion.

But I did enjoy the two lentil balls, some of the kuskus, the humus and the quinoa salad. It was fantastic. It was quite fat and it was sweet maybe because of the fruits and the sweet potatoe.

Now under the plate you can find some more details on these guys:

so from here we can learn a few things:
  • Their chef is Nelly and she has her own web site where she gives some free recepies - wow looks delicious.
  • They don't have a microwave
  • Their dishes are divided as follows: 50% veggies, 1/6 protein, 1/3 carbs.
  • No Monosodium Glutamate and other patents of the food industry.
  • No milk products.
  • They don't sell coke.
You get the point,

My understanding is that yes this *is* healthy food but it's not low in calories because they do use oil - this is how they make the stuff so yummy. I am not sure if calorie restriction advocate will be able to enjoy this place.

Overall though, this restaurant is most recommended, it proves that if you made delicious food that is both healthy and yummy and if your restaurant looks young and inviting then you are gonna have tons of high tech nerds filling your restaurant, standing in line, etc.


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  1. I was so many times in this place. But your blog gives more information