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יום חמישי, 4 ביולי 2013

Injury and Fatique

Since I started my diet & fitness regime 2 days ago - I am very tired. You would expect that people who eat less and move more - would be full of energy, but I am NOT!

I find myself falling asleep in the middle of debugging a difficult case. It is then that the brain is required to shift to a higher gear and it is then that I start to tear, yawn and eventually drift into sleep. Yes, in the middle of the day, at the office, even with a friend sitting next to me - I am becoming a zombie - very very tired. More energy is spent in the Gym, less energy is consumed in the form of food - and the result is a deep fatique. 

But while this fatique can be solved by sleeping - I am afraid of yet another problem - Injury. The most important thing is not to blow my heart or my brain. But then it's also important to shift my body into high gear without destroying my legs, my hands, my shoulders, etc.

Well - I think that my knees have had enough of this already. I thought that I was safe cause I am not running - I am only walking, but it seems like brisk walking is a problem. I use the 6% slant and walk quite fast, pressing, pressing and my knees are telling me now to stop that... So early into my fitness regime and I can't even walk. I can feel the pain when I climb the stairs. As I told you, I am not using elevators any more so I use the stairs. WOW - this is sooo difficult, I climb 3 floors from my office room to my office Gym and I can feel my knees in pain. I climb slowly, and when I reach the Gym I am breathing hard. I remember that day when I climbed 6 floors went down using the elevator, then climbed 6 floors then the elevator again - and I did that for 17 straight rounds - that's more than 100 floors in one session. And now I am so tired after only 3. 

Definitely there's a loooong way to go before I get back in shape.

I spent 20 minutes in the gym doing flexibility exercises. My body is so stiff, I can't reach my legs, I can't bend down, I can't lift my leg to my ass. And the cardio sessions are only making things worse, they are contributing to the total stiffness. I can really say that 20 minutes of flexing was a good thing.

Then I spent additional 20 minutes doing all sorts of weights lifting, minimal weight, no effort, I don't want to stress it, I know I was a champion but that was in the past, right now I am a wreck of a man and I don't want my shoulder to break just because I am trying to be a hero and lift weights like I used to. I know how fragile the body is even when it is fully trained and in high fitness.

After the Gym I went home, slowly, in pain, like an old man...


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