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יום שני, 1 ביולי 2013

How did I become such a fat slob?

At this point you are probably asking yourself – how did I get here? How can a 50 year old man become so fat?

Well let’s see what I have been eating in the last day…

Morning I arrived to the office at 6:30 a.m. and in the coffee corner there were remnant of a previous day’s party –

I had to munch a bit here –
So few Beigalatch (50 Kcal) + One average Burekas (100 Kcal) + Filtered Coffee w/o sugar… (0 Kcal but a good booster for my blood pressure)

Then I worked a bit and at 7:45 went to the cafeteria to have my breakfast – 

so here goes
I would say half a baguette (400 kCal), croissant (250 kCal), Salad (20 kCal), oil added to the salad (300 kCal), shaksuka using 2 eggs (300 kCal), 4 slices of yellow cheese (250 kCal) & 10 gr butter (70 kCal).

At 10:00 a.m. I had to drink my second coffee from the machine (90 kCal). Typically I drink 4-5 like these per day.

At noon around 12:30 I ate my lunch…

Falafel (630 kCal) + Another Falafel (630 kCal) + 330 ml coke (130 kCal).

And then when I was back to my seat I felt that something was missing so I took this grapefruit juice.
Absolutely delicious and it ‘helps’ washing all the falafel out… (130 kCal).

And after that I went home and I ate a very dietetic Omellette + a small piece of pie (100 kCal).

I ate also one 3% Yogurt  (70 kCal)

Then I ate one full cup of water melon (40 kCal) & maybe 20 grapes (50 kCal) –

And the summary is : 3510 calories for the day.

Now what do I do with this 3,500 kCal Number?
The web is full of those calculators that tell you how many calories you should consume in order to diet, etc. These are based on basal metabolic rate formula
Something like this :

BMR = 66 + ( 13.7 x weight in kilos ) + ( 5 x height in cm ) - ( 6.8 x age in years )

I used  this calculator

and look what I found for my age, sex and weight I should eat 2962 kCal per day:

Well, as I said, this is just average, maybe my metabolic rate is a bit higher so I can afford more and maybe I ate today more than average… - everything is possible.

But just for the sake of game and in order for you guys to understand the deal – so here’s how much I should weigh to balance 3,510 kCal input.

So If I really eat that much every day and if I am having an average metabolic rate then at equilibrium I should weight 175 Kg… -

All right – now I don’t know how much weight I shall lose. I think a good target for me should be around 100 Kgs. Below that I look too skinny. And I think I should do it in 15 month but since this calculator provides a diet plan for only one year then I would say that at the end of one year I should weight let’s say 108 Kg – that is I aim to lose 30 Kgs in one year and then some more. I plan on being quite active so here goes –

So as you can see on the first week I should eat 3240 calories, then on the second week only 3228 and so on till on the last week I should eat 2,622 calories (you can’t see it in this snapshot).

So back to the original question - how did I get that fat? There's an equilibrium here - the more I weigh - the more my body consumes in terms of calories. If I am thin and I start eating as much as I can then my body grows and grows and as result it spends more and more calories till that point where the amount of calories that it spends equals to the number of calories that I consume. That's the equilibrium point. If I continue with my sedenary regime coupled with eating so much then my equilibrium point shall be around 175 Kg... on average :)


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