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יום שני, 8 ביולי 2013

My lunch today


Just a quick one now,

The idea lunch should include both protein and carbs,

Since according to weight watcher points system I can eat two cups of cooked stuff on average then today I arrange the two cups as follows:

- Protein cup - Cooked beans.
- Carbs cup - Cooked Pasta.

And then I topped it with a huge layer of vegetables... - Weight Watchers said it's for free so I am taking full advantage here... - 

The truth is - I couldn't finish eating all the beans... - this was a huge lunch.

When I returned to my room I ate one boiled egg - well you wouldn't expect that as a vegetarian I shall rely on the beans for my protein supply - this egg is a wonderful and a complete source for the protein that I need.

Right now I am filling my huge stomach with food in order to feel full. But I think this is not the right solution. In a more advanced stage I shall start counting the calories in the salad and I shall also reduce the amount of food that I consume and hopefully the stomach shall be reduced naturally.


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