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יום חמישי, 11 ביולי 2013

big men clothing

My lovely daughter Donna (yes, the one who lost her phone), sent me a picture yesterday of the only store where I can comfortably buy my shirts - the big men clothing store in Nahalat Yitzhak Tel Aviv (under lev tel-aviv towers).

Take a look - 

It was one of those frustrating days. I *HATE* shopping but I had to buy shirts. I went to Hanger and starting looking for the biggest shirts. I took XXXL and went into the tiny fitting room where you have to stand like a huge elephant in a small cage. I put it on - too small. I tried XXXXL, or in short 4XL - too small. 5XL - they don't have....

Then I had this bright idea. My mother already told me about this big men store. I hurried there - and it was AMAZING - all of a sudden you discover big men like you. Everything is big. Even the fitting room - is a REAL room - you can sit comfortably, you have a room to run to measure. I asked them for 4XL shirt - they brought me a huge one. for them 4XL is on a different scale than for me. The shirt was way way too big so I tried 2XL - bingo. Almost all of my shirts (6 in total) are the same shirt - but different colors - pastel colors - so simple.

They told me that I fit their baby department.... Geeeez.

Here's their web site :

What can I say - they are losing a customer but I am winning my life,


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