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יום חמישי, 7 בנובמבר 2013

The single most potent advice I can give you

Hi there folks,

If you are following a diet, be it nutritarial diet or any other diet and you are always hungry then let me help you - it's most probably your hunger. It's your false hunger to be more precise.

Let me expalin.

A friend who is following the nutritarial diet asked me today how come he is following the G-BOMB diet, eating his salads and still he has these food cravings? Why is he hungry all the time? After 2 minutes I think I found the root cause and I want to share it with you.

When we eat - we feel great, we get our nutrition back, it feels good, great and suiting. That's very nice. Then about 2 hours later - we feel what we call 'hunger'. During these 2 hours the body was busy digesting - that's the anabolic stage.

Then starts the catabolic stage. The body has already digested the food and is now using the fuel. This is the stage where the body is busy detoxifying and yes it is during this stage that we get this un comfortable feeling. Especially if we ate processed foods - we built up lots of toxic free radicals and moving them around, cleansing makes us feel bad temporarily.

My advice to you - DON'T START EATING AGAIN! Let the body detoxify, let it heal, let it do what it needs to do.

Look - the body is like a programmed washing machine. When it's done digesting it starts dealing with this and then with that and then yet with that function but when you pour in some more food then the body stops whatever it was busy doing, goes back to square 1 and starts digesting. It doesn't digest and detoxify at the same time - it focuses the energy on digestion. It takes so much energy that you feel sleepy. 

So I am saying 'HOLD IT!' - Don't, don't, don't eat !!

Get rid of those cravings - how about breakfast at 8, lunch at 2 and dinner at 8 with no nothing in between? yes I mean it - don't snack between meals, don't drink coffee, and of course no coffee with milk even if it's soy milk duh. Don't be a faggot! Just STOP EATING and let your body STARVE for a change.

It won't starve - don't worry - it won't. Cause this uncomfortable feeling that you get? it's not true hunger - this is false hunger.  You will know true hunger. In time you will know - but for now, trust me, you haven't felt true hunger since you were a baby. Just hold on.

And yes the first 3 days are gonna be tough on you Mister fat slob, hu humm - they are going to be hard on you. But then you will get over it. You will be freeeee from all the food cravings and addictions.

Do yourself a BIG FAVOR and stop TORTURING yourself by eating 'only this small banana cause it's healthy' or drink 'only this tea cause it is so healthy'. Yea right - stop all of these excuses and avoid touching food or drink except cold or warm water till the next meal.

Remember that book you got from weight watchers telling you how important it is to avoid hunger and how important it is to have your afternoon snack? Remember that book??? Well throw it. Yes, do it right now, take it from the shelf and throw that book in the garbage. You will do yourself a big big favor. 

Don't be afraid of hunger. Hunger is your friend! When you feel that false hunger - you know that right now your body is busy detoxing, building, healing. Embrace this hunger - it's a good sign.

Stop torturing yourself with those silly candies, coffee breaks and snacks - be a man! Eat only during your meal and nothing, absolutely nothing so help me God between meals.



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