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יום ראשון, 3 בנובמבר 2013

Lost 37 Kgs in 4 months

Hi everyone :)

Well time for a toast...

4 months ago I was a fat slot. I weighted 139.6 Kilograms, My BMI level was categorized "Morbid obesity" and I was "diagnosed" as diabetic. "Metabolic Syndrome" - the doctor said. It was then that I started my diet. First 1.5 months under the umbrella of weight watchers and then I read the book "The end of diabetes" and  switched to Dr. Fuhrman's  nutritarial vegan diet. My diabetes was wiped and my cholesterol as well as my triglycerides levels dropped significantly. I an physically active, running, walking, lifting heavy weights. I enjoy preparing my food and enjoy it even more when others are enjoying my food. Overall I would say - most recommended!!

My special lady was kind enough to use her GIMP skills again and edit this pic here.

Am I getting too skinny? Don't be shy you can tell me...


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