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יום חמישי, 10 באוקטובר 2013

Let thy Salad be thy Main Dish

Hello everyone,

To be super healthy you have to nourish your body with as many as possible micro nutrients - Vitamins, Minerals & phytochemicals - as simple as that. And what's the best sources for the above? - Greeeeeens!! you have to eat tons of greens. Yes, you can get your vitamins and minerals from meat - true! But you will have to pay with lots of calories. If you eat meat and you are thin then it means you are consuming a moderate amount of calories and it means that you don't get enough nutrients. Period. The greens have the highest density (nutrients per calorie) and thus they should be your main dish.

So don't tell me about a miraculous goji berry that I MUST try, and don't tell me that you read that black chocolate is good for the health and that there's this bee pollen that you eat and it's good for you. All of this is total bull. Yes they are healthy - but who cares? These foods are at the perimeter. They cost money, the enrich whoever sells them to you - and you are busy reading and searching for these miraculous medicine when they are right in front of your eyes - THE GREENS!!

You have to eat them, you have to learn to enjoy them. Every food other than breast milk is an acquired taste  Yes, the first time you eat the real hardcore salad - it's gonna be tough. And so shall be the second and the third time. But taste is acquired - you will get used to it.

And please don't start with "I rather live less but at least I enjoy myself, I can go to Moses and eat a good stake whenever I feel like". Don't you start with me. I enjoy my salad way way more than you enjoy your stake - cause you know what? taste is acquired and when I eat I am already truly hungry so I salivate and I need my real food and then the food tastes 10 times more! So both of us are going to live happily. You are going to die at the age of 85 and I am going to die at the age of 105. You wanna live happily as long as I do? Then "suffer" just one month... - NOW and then you will be back to where you were - happy, healthy, with no pains, no illness, with perfect fitness level. It's your choice - you are gonna "suffer" during the transition period and that's it. 

Think about it - how many years did it take you to acquire your Bsc degree in MIT? How many years of hard work have you invested before you became a lawyer, a doctor? Here I am talking about one month of getting used to something that's gonna be as important as your job - your health!!!

So how do you "prepare" your main dish? There you go - 

A handful spinach
מלוא החופן תרד

A handful mixed leaves
חופן עלי בייבי

Few chard leaves cut without mercy
כמה עלי מנגולד חתוכים ללא רחמים

Green onions
בצל ירוק


Some cucumbers
מלפפונים אחדים


Chopped onions
בצל חתוך

Now that looks quite like the food you give chimpanzees or you used to feed your turtle with. So every 3 year old knows that turtles should be fed with this stuff. They just can't imagine that we human - we are supposed to eat this stuff as well. Hell it's written in the user manual that accompanies new baby on this plant! But no... - let's feed the turtles something good and continue devouring our McDonald's Mac Royal. And with Chimpanzees it's the same story - when you go to the zoo they are asking you please please not to feed the animals and the signs explain that whatever you are eating could poison the chimpanzees!!! I wish I had the picture of this. 

And then you pour some lemon - you need the vitamin C in order to digest the greens.

And then you add your favorite sauce which could be nuts/seeds based or tofu based - and you make sure not to exaggerate here - cause now and for the first time we are talking REAL calories here...

And then you take the oil bottle and you throw it out the window. One word of caution here - when you throw the m*er f**er out the window - you make sure there's no body standing there. Another word of caution - when you throw that olive oil out the window - you make sure nobody watches. And why do you throw it? Cause these are empty calories - the ratio of nutrients to calories is 0 - you gain no nutrition from olive oil. And yea olive oil is better than canola or the fat that you have in meat but still it's an empty oil - it should be avoided.

And then you mix the whole thing and voilla.

Now half of my salads are raw as above.

But then another half are half raw - half steamed...

So here's the veggies as I am steaming them - see? broccoli, Brussel sprouts, peas & green beans.
ברוקולי, כרוב ניצנים, אפונה ושעועית ירוקה.

These folks are frozen so I steam them for 10 minutes or so.

And one half of the salads that are half raw - half steamed - I add starched veggies - which I will describe on one of my future posts.

That's it for today,

Enjoy you salad,


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