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יום שני, 7 באוקטובר 2013

Best Mushrooms Soup that I have eaten in my life

Hiya folks,

This saturday I had the pleasure of preparing and also eating the best vegan mushroom soup - very very yummy!

And I even took pictures... 

So without further ado - let's see how to prepare such a yummy soup - promise me, promise me that you will give it a try :)

2 cups of water
2 כוסות מים
1 cup of white beans
כף שעועית לבנה

1.5 cups soya milk
1.5 כוסות חלב סויה

1.5 cups of carrot juice
1.5 כוסות מיץ גזר

150 grams frozen corn
150 גרם תירס קפוא
1/2 cup cut celery
1/2 כוס סלרי

2 chopped leaks
2 כרשה חתוכות (פרסה)

Half a kilogram mushrooms (doesn't matter which mushrooms)
חצי קילו פיטריות (לא משנה איזה סוג)

1 coarsely chopped carrot
1 גזר חתוך גס

1 garlic clove
1 שן שום
1 chopped onion
1 בצל חתוך

2 tbsp salt less soup seasoning
2 כפות תבלין מרק חסר תבלין

simmer for one hour
לבשל על אש קטנה במשך כשעה

put 70 grams cashew nuts with 4 tbsp soy milk in the blender together with half of the soup content, blend till smooth and then add back into the soup. Top with 100 grams spinach.
לשים 70 גרם אגוזי קשיו עם 4 כפות חלב סויה בבלנדר יחד עם מחצית מתוכן המרק. לערבב עד שיוצא חלק ולשפוך בחזרה אל המרק. להוסיף 100 גרם תרד.

Let the spinach faint for additional 10 minutes and that's it - voilla!!
לתת לתרד להתעלף בתוך המרק עוד כ 10 דקות - וזהו - המרק מוכן.

So here you can see me smiling, happily - do you know what took the picture?

You guessed it right! it was Donna my vegetarian, vegan wannabe daughter- and she helped me prepare so many other things that Saturday morning

She's a vegan in heart - but of course for the wrong reasons... - she just can't harm animals.
So you can see we made some Veggie Buritos and you can see her adding some tomatoes into the tortilla.

See? BTW, isn't she gorgeous? Why am I asking... cause not all daughters are beautiful. For example take for example a famous chef in Israel and since it's about time his daughter gets married and no body wants her then her father brought her as a guest cook to his show, but still, no body, absolutely no body wants to marry her - and her father is quite rich.

And these are ice creams made of mango with coconuts powder...

And these are some beans patties (black beans, red beans, oats, sunflower seeds)

And here Donna is eating her peach sorbet - that's at the end of a huge lunch with salad and beans and soup - 

And of course as result of all of this - she fell asleep on the sofa... - she rarely does such things cause for her sleeping is a waste of time.

OK that's all for today, hope you enjoyed, don't forget to subscribe or add me in google+ for more posts and more healthy, yummy food :)


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