יום חמישי, 9 בינואר 2014

Lost more than 40 Kilograms in 6 months

Hello everyone,

Just a quickly one this time to mention the fact that I am in this diet and life style change for 6 months now.

When I started this I weighted 139.6 Kgs and yesterday I weighted myself again at the gym - 98.7 Kgs - so a quick calculation yields 40.9 Kgs drop in half a year. Actually I was trying to maintain my weight and slow down in the last two months but what can I say...

Now I am going to skip the overheard story how I was diagnosed as diabetic and how the doctor wanted to prescribed me some medications and how I was in tears and all that - you can read about it in earlier posts on this very blog. Actually the name of this blog is "My Metabolic Syndrome" because I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome...  well the blog name stayed the same but I did a big transformation.

So this time I am going to put some pictures and I think you will be able to tell the 'before' and 'after' ones.

Hope you enjoyed :)


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