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יום חמישי, 12 בספטמבר 2013

My Nutritarian Vegan Diet

Hi everyone,

People are amazed at how come I lost 24 Kgs in two months. So here's the answer.

what do I eat? 

I am following Dr. Fuhrman's diet as described in his book "The end of Diabetes". This diet focuses primarily on the G-BOMBS....
  • Greens
  • Beans
  • Onions
  • Mushrooms
  • Berries
  • Seeds & Nuts

I am vegan. I don't eat meat, fish, chicken, milk, cheese, eggs - in short no animal food intake.

I eat 3 meals a day. A small breakfast that most of your would consider 'aperitif' (Well at least that's what my special lady thinks and I am in no position to argue with her). It contains fruits, oats, seeds, nuts, oats...

I eat lunch, I eat dinner, I don't snack between meals. I don't eat before I feel hungry.

I drink only water. No coffee, no tea,  no herbs, no coke, no sweetened drinks, even artificially sweetened!

My main course for both lunch and dinner is a huge salad with all sorts of sauces made primary of Tofu and nuts. I top the salad with a cup of cooked beans or bean patties, or tofu, hummus and such, but the main course is the salad.

Half of my meals contain a vegetable soup and in that case the salad is smaller.

If I have to estimate then I consume 400 grams greens per day - mainly lettuce, spinach, chard & green onions. Occasionally I add parsley and such. I eat most of these raw! 

On top of this I eat  200 grams cruciferous vegetables: kale, cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, arugula, radish. I eat half of these raw and half of these steamed.

Then I also liberally eat tomatoes, mushrooms, leeks, artichokes, peepers, celeries, endives & zucchinis. About 200 grams per day.

I top the salad with home made lemon juice. I sometime add mustard roots.

I also add garlic cloves and onions to my soups and home made sauces. I also add tofu and when I need a sweet taste then I add dry dates.

I don't consume oil. I eat nuts & seeds instead. Occasionally I would add half an avocado to my salad. I limit myself to 50g nuts/seeds per day so if I eat half avocado then I eat less nuts & seeds. I eat half of my nuts for breakfast mixed with my fruits.

I eat frozen berries: all sorts of: blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, currants.

I eat 3 fresh fruits in the morning, 1 eat lunch and one at dinner: bananas, peaches, apples, grapes, kiwis, pomegranates,  and many more.

I eat the following starchy stuff only every second dinner: carrots, beets, peas, squash. About 100 grams in total.

I limit grain consumption. I rarely add minuscule amounts of rice to flavor my salad/soup. I do eat half cup oats sometimes for breakfast but I don't cook them, I soak them in water. 

As for high-starch foods made of flour - I don't touch them. I don't eat whole wheat bread (!!), I don't eat white rice (god forbid) or white potatoes. And of course I don't touch refined flour products such a 'normal' bread... I don't eat bread at all.

I never add salt, I never sprinkle oil and I don't use sweeteners.

Every day I take 100 m Cartia (aspirin), 25 mg iron, 1g Omega oil, 1200 mcg B-12 & 400 mcg Folic Acid.

I spend 10 minutes tanning per day, I run every day for ~20 minutes and I lift heavy weights twice a week.


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